CIPSA is a young company, constituted by professional workers in the sector of integrated pest control.

The company activity satisfies all types of consumers: individual customers, food industry, catering companies, government agencies, schools, libraries, universities, health centers, hospitals, geriatric centers and entertainment companies.

Gives customers an integrated pest control service mainly in two ways:

  • Spontaneous service: This is a service that comes from a spontaneous pest.
  • Maintenance service: giving a contracted maintenance service to perform control and prevention against the apparition of pests.

The most common service of our company differs on others depending on the pest to control. We offer an Insect control service that is the process of getting rid of the insect pests (ants, cockroaches, …), arachnids (spiders, mites, …), crustaceans (pill bug, …), myriapods (centipedes, millipedes, …) and flying insects(flies, mosquitoes, …) using physical, biological and/or chemical methods.

Another service is the Rodent control. Is the process of getting rid of rats (brown rat and black rat) as well as other rodents (house mouse) with chemical methods (rodenticides, made of paraffin block, semolina, powdered track , gel or liquid) and / or physical methods (snap trap or multiple snap trap ). The rodenticides are placed in a bait station box with suitable security measures to avoid accidental poisoning of children, pets…

The disinfection service consists in getting rid of microorganisms which are found in the atmosphere and surfaces, such as bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa and viruses, using chemical products called “disinfectant” belonging to the biocides family.

wood treatment consists in getting rid of insect pests such as termites or wormwood. They often cause damage to structures, furniture, bases of cellulose or crops. Using physical, biological and / or chemical methods.

CIPSA will make a comprehensive study which includes all this points:

  • Zone inspection.
  • Pest identification.
  • Assessment of the pest damage.
  • Assessment of the preventive or corrective measures of the zone.
  • Active integrated Control.
  • Assessment and monitoring.

We are governed by strict quality standards and environment. We satisfy our customers with the best products and service with customized solutions. We develop the quicker the best.

CIPSA, is registered in the “Registre Oficial d’Establiments i Serveis Plaguicides (ROESP) de la Direcció General de Salud Pública Del Departament de la Generalitat de Catalunya”, with registration number 0051CAT-ST.